Utility Savings Plus

What can Utility Savings Plus (USP) do for us?


There are only two ways to lower your utility bills;

Reduce your consumption


reduce your cost per unit.

There are many companies that will assist your company in reducing your usage, that is conservation. If you reduce your usage you do not have to pay for what you did not use, thus reducing your utility costs.

Utility Savings Plus is one of only a few companies that specializes in reducing the cost per unit of your utilities thus reducing your utility cost regardless of your usage.

Utility Savings Plus will look at your Electric, Gas, Water and Sewer bills to see if there is a more advantageous opportunity available. We take your utility bills apart and look at each line item to see if each one has an opportunity to reduce your utility costs.

We look at everything we can to reduce your utility costs. We look for billing mistakes, and meter reading mistakes, we do a complete tariff analysis, we investigate any off-tariff opportunities that may be available, we will look for any clue that might point to a savings opportunity that will reduce your utility costs.

Once we identify an opportunity for your company we present it back to you and it is your choice if we proceed or not. Signing a contract with us does not lock you into anything other than giving us permission to look for savings opportunities for you.

If we proceed, we do it with your permission and in a manner that will benefit your company and help you be as profitable as possible.



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